Mar 13, 2010

WOW!!! That's an awesome T barrel pit!

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When I first saw this set-up I was crushed!  This was supposed to be my secret project!!  I was going to stun the world with my welding skills, not to mention my creative ability... I had been working in the concept stages of this very same design for, oh I don't know, days now!  And for what? 

Then, today, I saw the project you see above and I realized something immediately.  I need tons more practice welding and my fabrication skills could probably use some help too.

This this is amazing for a barrel pit/smoker!  T configured alone isn't impossible, but it does show a level of skill that, let's be honest here, many of us just don't possess.  Insulated.  Again, not impossible, but who bothers doing that with a barrel?  A craftsman, that's who.  Plenty of ventilation.  Fuel access door.  Latches for the main door to maintain the best possible seal in the main smoking chamber.  A nice sized charcoal basket.  The quality that is on display here tells me one of two things.  These things are being built in a shop class somewhere, or they are being built to be put up for sale.  Maybe a reader will let me know. 
Either way, very nice work. 

The Big Baby Oil Tank BBQ Pit

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Here are the things you’ll need to build the Big Baby smoker.

1. Steel Drums – around $20 or so each.

2. Stove Kits – you’ll need 2 of them – from hardware or wood stove stores. Should be less than $50

3. Two 22′ x 15′ grill surfaces, which you can get for about $25 from a BBQ supply shop

4. Throw in the paint, hinges, smokestacks, fire bricks, bolts and brackets – and you’ll spend a total of about $150 – much less than what you’d spend on a pro-built rig.

Once you’ve collected these materials, you’re on your way. Check out the rest of the “How To” guide on this smoker – found on page 260 of the Real Barbecue book by Vince Staten and Greg Johnson.

A big thanks to The BBQ Smoker Site for the above information!

Mar 12, 2010

Eye candy for a sauce recipe!!!

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Traditionally, Texas barbecue is served with a homemade barbecue sauce, usually served warm. Below is a simple recipe for a Texas style barbecue sauce. This type sauce is usually a table condiment as opposed to a sauce used to bast the meat while cooking. When you make a batch, play with the seasonings and their amounts until you get the recipe to your liking. There are as many recipes for barbecue sauce as there are cooks. Having grown up on Louisiana cooking, I like to use a fair amount of garlic and some Tobasco hot sauce.

4-foot Rotisserie Smoker #1502

 This beautiful unit features a 4 Ft. Custom Rotisserie
Smoker with double shelves, 2x4 charcoal grill, warming box, wood box,
Diamond Plate chain guards, Diamond Plate trim, chrome wheels and fenders.

The firebox has our patent pending damper system that allows better heat control and even temperatures throughout the entire cooking chamber.
Our custom rotisserie bbq pit smokers can be made in any size from 4 to 53 feet in length, with a wide variety of options.
These are our newest custom rotisserie pit smokers.
Be sure and check out our other pages of custom smokers!
Don't see what you have in mind?
Just give us a call and we'll put one together just the way you want!

Mar 11, 2010

Raptor Welding

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This is one sweet smoker! 
Here's Raptor Weldings own write up:

" 20" x 48" x 1/4" thick wall pipe main chamber. With angle framed sliding food tray, tuning plates for even cooking temperature, counter weight on door, side ash door for main chamber cleanout. 20" x 22" x 1/4" wall pipe firebox, angle framed charcoal grate, lower log rack for storage, full wrap around shelf and stainless steel handles on all doors."

Would you look at that!  All I saw was the Texas A+M emblem on the counter weight arms!
Did I mention what an awesome smoker this was?
Gig em'

Bbq Heaven

Bbq Heaven


This one is the solitaire, this grill comes equipped with everything you need, to start grilling, grill is equipped with, 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 1/4 firebox, trailer jack, 2 propane holders, propane burner, high pressure regulator, 4x5 cooking surface, with 2 pull out grates, and wrap around prep table.

About Us

"Bbq Heaven is in a little town called Asheboro nc , we have been building Competition, and regular cookers and smokers for a long time, we offer the highest amount of quality for the lowest price, email me at or call me at
336 963 0366 anytime"

Best use of an fuel oil tank

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What a beautiful sight!  Wood smoke coming from a shop built smoker made from an ex-fuel tank. New or used, I can't tell.  Let's cross our fingers and hope for new!  Look's like she's getting all warmed up ready to produce an even more beautiful sight.

And there it is!  Not quite done, by my guess but getting there in nice fashion.  I'm not seeing any internal meat thermometers, but I'm guessing our builder has some externals in the door.  Can't you just smell that feast from where you're sitting?  Ok sir, close her back up.  I've seen all I can stand without being there. 

Very nice job on the smoker and the cue speaks for itself!  Wow!!!

Mar 10, 2010

Meyer MetalWorks

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Nice offset smoker here, but I was also impressed by the opening line of this builders site:

"I believe that every product worth having should be built with the idea that its the best of its kind. That is why I build everything with durability and functionality in mind.

With that being said, let me introduce the MIDNIGHT SMOKER"

IMHO that is exactly the frame of mind every one of us should approach each build we take on!  Make it the best of it's kind.  If we achieve that lofty goal, outstanding!  If we don't, we figure out what didn't go right and make it right.  It's a recipe for success. 

Texas Tech Pit

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There are way too many goodies on this kitchen on wheels for me to list here.  I have listed just a few of the items you can expect from the pro's at East Texas Smoker CompanySmoker.


•Reverse smoker design uses three plates to transfer smoke and heat.

•10-ft, 350-gallon tank, 1/4 inch thick steel, 30 inches in height.

•The three doors have 1-inch x 3/16-inch flat stock around the edges to seal up the pit; no counterweights are needed because they were cut 8" down from top, dead center, which also cuts down on the weight.

•When a door is opened, heat remains in the pit.

•Pit will hold a steady temperature all day long.

•Grease drain

•The cleavers on the top of the pit function as doorstops; they are a unique and sturdy feature. Axe handles are an alternate option.

•Pit is mounted well to the trailer, and components are fully welded.

•The pit has six fully removable racks for easy cleaning; bottom racks are roughly 30" x 29"; top racks are 30" x 26".

•All cooking surfaces in the pit and firebox are framed with 1-inch by 1-inch square tubing; 3/16-inch thick flat expanded metal was fitted and welded onto the frame.

•Paper towel and utensil holders are mounted to easy access.


•2-ft long and 2-ft wide by 2-ft tall.

•A flame deflector inside the tank stops flames from getting into the pit, allowing only that good old hickory smoke and heat inside.

•Breather for regulating temperature.

•All wooden handles mounted on 5/8-inch steel rods.

•Firebox top can also be used as a cooker for beans and sauces.

Mar 9, 2010

BBQ Pit/Grill Trailer in Bryan, Tx

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The builder of this stunning, "John Deere" green smoker really nailed it, IMHO. You can see for yourself the attention to detail and level of skill on display here. Three more pics showing the 3 other perspectives await you, just follow the link above. The stacks are a nice touch. All the specs are listed below, but you're missing out if you don't go see the rest of this beauty. She's definitely worth the trip! I don't know the builders name, but my hat's off to them! It takes a real craftsman to build something like thing this. Worth every penny.

BBQ trailer
$16,900 OBO

"Condition: I finished building this in May and will continue to use it until it sells."

Approximate cooking surface:
Pit/Grill 27 sq ft
Smoker/Oven 28 sq ft
Range 6 sq ft

36" diameter main chamber
Wood and/or gas burning main chamber and smoker
Counterweighted main doors
Main doors and smoker door can be locked
Propane starter in firebox
6 burner gas range with cover
Lockable storage under range
2' x 2' x 4' Vertical Smoker/Oven
5 1/2 gallon Cajun Fish Fryer with 2 fry baskets
Expanded metal storage area 2' x 2' x 7'
x2 40lb propane tanks. Can be locked in place
5,200lb axle
6 x 5.5 lug pattern
16" chrome modular rims
2" Bulldog coupler
EZ Lube axle

BBQ Smoker/Grill by TCI

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32” x 75” x 77” tall with 21” x 18” firebox and 7” x 36” stainless steel work surface. Constructed from 10 Ga. carbon steel, 6 sq.ft. expanded metal cook surface in smoker, 2.625 sq. ft. of cook surface in firebox. Smoker/ Grill includes cool grip wire handles, damper controlled firebox, utensil hooks, grease drain, and threaded mounting hole in front of lid for thermometer (thermometer not provided, hole is filled with a threaded plug). Finish is hight‑temp black paint.

This looks like a nice little offset smoker! I say looks like only because I haven't had the pleasure of actually using one yet, but would certainly jump at the opportunity if it arose. This smoker is built by Texas Correctional Industries , a department within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.  The listed base price is $550.00.  That's an incredible price!  I'm still unclear if they sell to the public, or just to state agencies within the state of Texas.  If they do sell to the public, I'm surprised that there aren't more of these smokers pumping out great Q all over the lone start state!

Turns out they do not sell to the general public. Below is a brief description of who TCI does and does not sell to.

City, county, state and federal agencies, public schools, public and private institutions of higher education, public hospitals and political subdivisions are eligible to buy from TCI.

Ineligible entities include, but are not limited to, non-profit corporations, private schools, private hospitals, private enterprise and individuals.

Mar 8, 2010

Ugly Drum Smoker - CBBQAwiki

Ugly Drum Smoker - CBBQAwiki

Here is a CBBQAwiki version of "How To Build An UDS Ugly Drum Smoker". It's another well written set of instructions with plenty of pics, so no excuses folks. There should be lots of great smelling and tasting BBQ out there this Spring and Summer for everyone to chow down on!

Riverwalker's Survival Gear: How to Build A Smoker Barrel

Riverwalker's Survival Gear: How to Build A Smoker Barrel
So you want to build an Ugly Drum Smoker (UDS) for yourself? Well here are the exact steps you will need to follow to accomplish that task. Riverwalkers blog posting regarding "How to build a smoker barrel" lays it all out in easy to follow step by step instructions. Even has pics to illustrate the way. Anyone wanting to try this project would be hard pressed to find a more clear set of instructions than these. They cover every detail of the process from burning your barrel to building your charcoal basket and more. I am definitely impressed! Hat's off to Riverwalker.

Mar 7, 2010

Kingfisher Kookers

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The CK Commercial Kombination Kooker
The Commercial Kombo (CK) combines the advantages of both the rotisserie and the Kombo cooker in one unit. This will give you a wide range of options. You can smoke on both sides or close the Kombo unit and used it for grilling or for a warming oven.

The rotisserie portion of our CK’s cooking chamber is 42” x 48” x 48” and contains six trays. Each tray will hold approximately five 15-pound turkeys. Seven to nine sides of ribs can be placed on each tray by using rib racks. A tray will hold five or six trimmed briskets; the amount of trimmed brisket can be tripled with rib racks. Whole hogs, dressed (up to 70 pounds) and trussed can be placed on each tray. There is a fold down worktable, 12” x 48” on the cooking chamber. The firebox area is shared with the Kombo unit. The 15 gallon water jacket, which is to hold only water, has fill sight gauge and drain tap on the back of the unit. The rotisserie line of Bar-B-Que Pits provides a smoking chamber with excellent smoke pattern flow and even, consistent heat. A baffle placed in the smoking/cooking chamber directs heat evenly around all four sides and catches the meat drippings, which flow out to a drainpipe. This helps provide and maintain a clean smoking chamber. The meat placed on the rotating tray does not have to be turned or moved during the smoking process. The trays rotate through the smoking chamber at one revolution per minute. A 110-volt gear motor equipped with a brake powers the rotisserie. The thermometer is placed for convenient reading.

The Kombo portion of the CK has a 32” X 36” cooking chamber. It is equipped with a fold down table and a thermometer. This side of the CK is unique since it provides three cooking options. A chef can open up the dampers for smoking or partially close the damper and create a warming oven. Also coals can be placed on the bottom rack for direct grilling of meats or vegetables. It shares a firebox and a 15-gallon water jacket with the commercial smoker. The water jacket can be shut off to the Kombo portion of your cooker. Adding extra cooking trays can double the Kombo’s grilling surface.

The unit is fabricated from twelve and fourteen gauge metal. Nine-gauge expandable metal is used for the cooking trays and worktables. The firebox grate is 6 gauge expandable metal. The firebox, located between the two cooking chambers is 18” x 16” x 42” with hot air chambers and insulated doors. There is access to the firebox from both sides of the cooker. There are two drains under the firebox to allow for flow through cleaning as needed. Dampers are positioned in both the firebox door and the smokestacks. This unit is 5’ wide, 13’8” long, 7’2” tall and on 13” tires. It is on a trailer axle, with springs, tires, running lights, 2” coupler with jack, dolly steel wheel and spare tire & mount: is road ready.

Key Benefits

* Rotisserie and Kombo cooker in one unit
* Handy fold down table
* Road Ready

Add Options

* Double Wall w/1800° Insulation
* Gas Burner
* Warming Oven

D.W. Vasbinder’s in Richmond, Texas

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Thanks to the Houston Press and Robblog for this gem! These are the kinds of places that really make you want to get by there and support them. Please follow the link on this one. Great pitbuilders here and just real good folks! (90A in Richmond, 281-342-0535)

Mar 6, 2010

Howdy Bertha!

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Some styles of smokers just seem to get made over and over again. Could that be because they are a very good reprentation of what works? Sure it could be, but I think availability of materials and cost vs. profit have something to do with this design as well. There seem to between 12 and 16 significantly different styles of smokers out there today and not many of them can finish meat like this one can.

I'd like to hear your opinion. Drop me an email (link at the bottom of the page) and tell me what you think! What is your preferred style smoker?

Mar 5, 2010

Entertain large groups often?

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There’s a bit of excitement stirring as we announce Meadow Creek’s new TS120P BBQ Smoker. This new cooker is the push/pull-around version of the TS120 Tank Smoker on a trailer.

If you’re looking for a BBQ smoker with 11+ square feet of cooking area, but you’d rather not have the trailer, this handsome, offset barbecue cooker is the solution for you.

Open the hood man!

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Now ya'll know I'm all about smokers. This is no smoker. But come on, any truck with burgers and brats under the hood has got to be worth including in our ongoing smorgishborg of smokerology! Right? Maybe, maybe not. Either way just humor me today... please. I'm hungry and it's not time to eat yet. Look at this thing though. A dually? For a grill?? Who cares if it runs or not? Park it. Fire it up and let's eat!

Feb 25, 2010

Give me all your BBQ

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I don't know how they did it and on this one I really don't care. All I have to say here is, "COOL..."

One hot smoker

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Now I don't know how you feel, but I think that whoever built this bad-ash ride is certifiable! Certifiably brilliant!! Look at that gem! Wish I could tell you more about her, but when I tried the website this pic was found on, nothing worked. After several tries from multiple angles, I gave up, but not without having one last look at what has got to be the most beautiful smoker I have ever seen! Way too pretty to Q on though. Can you imagine what would happen to someone if they got BBQ sauce anywhere near this thing? Party's over bro...

Feb 24, 2010

Horizon Smokers

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The firebox is 24" diameter x 24" long. It includes a heavy-duty charcoal grate, 18" x 24" grilling surface, a L.P. log lighter system, and a warming plate on top of the firebox. The horizontal cooking chamber is 24" x 60" long with a single hog door with an extra large counter weight for easy opening. Two thermometer ports, a slide out second level shelf, two spring handles, and a heavy duty steel front shelf make this a great smoker to own. The vertical smoker chamber is 25" x 25" sqare x 48" tall. The chamber has two door, each with locking pins and thermometer ports, six 24" square slide-out shelves, all with no-tip bracket. An extra large grease drain and smoke stack damper with extended handle are also standard. Other features include: a mounted spare tire, wood storage box with slide-out table top, 15" tires and wheels, and aluminum tread fenders.

Feb 23, 2010

Lone Star Custom Pits

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Well... how about this little beauty? Can you see yourself tailgating with this rig pulling in behind you? I sure can! Who could resist the clean lines and "let's BBQ" attidtude of this well designed smoking and grilling machine??? The unique part about the photo spread showing this combo rig is that the builders are shown next to their creation in one pic!!! Nice work gentlemen! But fellas, would it have hurt you to wipe some of the grime off BEFORE the pic was taken? Nah, just kidding. Leave the shine for what matters, right? That beautiful rig you built!

Feb 22, 2010

Longhorn Joe's

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My Father would love this place! He's a University of Texas Alum and a die hard Longhorns fan. But even without the UT colors, these smokers are national champions. Check out the gallery when you go see their site and you'll see what I mean. From charcoal grills, to custom smokers, these builders show what they can do instead of just talking it up.  Next time I'm in Austin, Tx. I am going to have to go by and see if I can get some tips from them.  If I can, you bet I'll share them right here with all of my fellow Pitbuilders.

Custom BBQ Pits

East Texas Smoker Company

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Tyler, Tx. is the home of the East Texas Smoker Company and as you can see clearly from the above example, they definitely know how to build "smoking kitchens on wheels"!!! What a great set-up this rig is! Judging from the other examples shown on their website, these folks have been doing this for awhile. Don't misunderstand me! Custom smoker set-ups like this aren't all they do. But I think I'll let you go check them out and see for yourselves what other smoking beauties await. Please remember to tell them that you heard about them right here at BBQ Pitbuilders! Thanks, and have a great visit!

Feb 21, 2010

"Bubba T" series by Lone Star Custom Pits

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Have a look at this great pit! You've got to go and check this site out. This series by Lone Star Custom Pits has the perfect combination of trailer-able size but with plenty of grilling/smoking area to feed the masses. If you follow this blog regularly then you know that I want one of just about every smoker I write about, but this one is an exception. I MUST own the FATBOY!!! Somebody please hand me my phone...

Feb 20, 2010

Extreme Pits

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Here's a good example of what a Master welder can do if he is interested in building BBQ pits. Not enough pics on this site for my liking, but the ones that are here show that Master welder Dan Silveira knows his way around a BBQ pit! I think another lesson we might take from him is not to limit ourselves to always thinking "mobile" when we go to build our smokers or pits. Dan shows some wonderful BBQ pits made from steel and masonry block, along with his main photo of a beautiful, 3 sided, stainless pit on wheels. Great site Dan but we want more pics!

Tucker Cooker Company

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Sweet little smokers with a nice selection of options that allow you to customize your smoker to your style of barbecuing. The Tucker Cooker Company site will give you many ideas as to just what kind of options can be installed into and onto a smoker. Take some time and research your design BEFORE you launch into a build and you will be so much happier with the end result. Do you want a spare tire carrier? How about a griddle? Should it be removable or not? Bumpers anyone? All these things and much more should go into the thought process in the research and design phase BEFORE construction ever starts. Do this and you will be smoking in style and with much greater satisfaction before you know it!

Feb 19, 2010

The Lang 84 Original

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Here's a classic trailered smoker with enough cooking area to satisfy any size crowd up to a small army. I like this traditional style, offset smoker. I like it so much I'm going to base my trailered pit design (the one I build for myself) off of this exact smoker. Of course there will have to be the requisite builder modifications. But where's the fun in building your own if you can't tweak it just the way you want it?

Lang describes the Model 84 Original as follows:

"Our most popular selling size Smoker Cooker Bar-B.Q. Grill, we sell hundreds every year. Model # 84' like all our other models comes completely assembled, all welded and ready to cook. It weighs 1760 pounds and is our best size for volume cooking. If you need more cooking space, we recommend that you buy two or buy the twin 84 model."