Feb 16, 2010

CNC Machine Shop | Custom Waterjet, Plasma, Laser Cutting | eMachineShop.com

CNC Machine Shop | Custom Waterjet, Plasma, Laser Cutting | eMachineShop.com

This down loadable software package is pretty interesting. For those of us, myself included, who are CAD challenged to put it mildly, this software is a dream come true!!! First it's easy to download and install. Then it doesn't take much time to get familiarized enough with it to be able to design your own parts with it! You can then print these parts out using your own printer and BAM, go fabricate them. I have several completed pit designs, start to finish, using only this software and my printer. Unfortunately steel costs much more than my imagination can afford, so my designs haven't made it to the real world yet. But without this software, they'd still be banging around upstairs clogging up my ear separator!

You can read for yourself exactly what this software is used for, I'm just saying that it does has other capabilities as well. This company can make just about any part you can design, using a multitude of processes. If you have parts incorporated into the design of your smoker that you can only design, but don't the capability of making, I urge you to use their services. You will see as you look through their site that they have incredible manufacturing and production capabilities. From one off parts, to large production runs, if you need specialty parts and can design them, they can create them for you. Their machine operators even help you out by checking with you BEFORE they run the parts! Thus guaranteeing they are running the correct dimension as specified by you.

The prices? Not bad. Remember, the more parts you get, the less it costs. Depending on your need, your costs can be made up very quickly. Would I have a part, or parts made for a smoker I was building? Sure I would. But I'd better be getting paid in advance on that build. As it is, the smokers I've built so far, have been for my own personal enjoyment. But you never know.


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