BBQ Pitbuilders Links

The Pro's - Pitbuilders doing it like us rookies can only dream of.
East Texas Smoker Company
Custom BBQ Trailers
Old Country BBQ Pits
BBQ Pits by Klose
Lone Star Custom Pits
Lang BBQ Smokers
Gator Pit of Texas, LP
King Cookers

Friends of BBQ Pitbuilders - Phenomenal sites you really should be checking out regularly.
The Smoker King
The Smoke Ring

Metal Fabrication Equipment, Tools and Trailer Parts - Ya'll got this one.
Dagger Tools
Northern Tool
Sentry Air Systems, Inc.

Misc. Useful Calculators and Others - Time savers, design helpers, charts and online builder resources.
Steel Plate Weight Calculator
The Cary Company (Barrels of all types)
The Barrel Company
General Container - Drum Supply
Texas Barbecue's Wood Chart
Pipe Joint Software

BBQ Wood and Charcoal - Alder, Mesquite, Apple, Citrus, Pecan and many other types of woods sourced right here for you.
B + B Charcoal Company
Minnesota Firewood
NorthWoods Smoke of Minnesota
The Leading Source For Alder Wood Chunks
Smokehouse Products, Inc. - Chunks - Wood

BBQ Products - All food or food related items.
Clark's Outpost
Rufus Teague
Texas Food
Howard's Yummies

Build your own bbq plans - All FREE and all linked right here!
Build your own smoker
55 Gallon Drum Smoker
Planter Smoker
Big Baby BBQ