Feb 5, 2010

Pro-Pits Mobile Smokers

Pro-Pits Mobile Smokers: "This is the heart of the Revolutionary New Heat Diffraction Design™.
Pro-Pits smokers are now made with new heat diffraction technology, enabling extremely small heat variation differences in the cooking chamber. Coupled with a double-walled firebox and 4' of rockwool mineral fiber insulation, these smokers are very energy efficient.

Using this system produces a minimal number of hot spots no more than 20º left to right in the horizontal cooking chamber and 40º from the bottom to top slide out shelves.

Pro-Pits smokers are made from propane tanks. The rigs are 10' long by 4' 5' wide. The cooking chamber is 30'x 54' with 6 slide out cooking shelves. Total cooking area of 20 sq. ft. Chambers are 3/16' or 1/4' steel and is sand blasted down to white metal, then painted with 1,000 degree F. Dap DeRusto high-temp paint. The chamber doors come with four Ashcroft 4'adjustable thermometers, one each at middle grate level and one at top grate level. There is a 10'x14'x9' deep-well sink located in front of the cook chamber and comes with a 6' high-rise faucet. Additionally, there is a 10 gallon potable water tank, 12V water pump, and 12V battery w/charger. The sink drains to a gray water tank. The pit also has a garden hose connection with anti-backflow device for connecting directly to a water spigot.

Pro-Pits Mobile Smokers are also outfitted with four swivel 12V flood lights, electric brakes, 1.5' ball valve drain system for water tight cook belly, 12'x 6' stainless steel work shelf, lock-down bar for transport and security, lighted 10' flag pole, cast iron 2' bull hitch, chrome wheels, leaf spring suspension, and heavy duty axle."

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