Mar 14, 2010

Southern Yankee BBQ

They make em bigger than this.  They make em with larger capacity than this.  But I haven't seen them make any shinier than this!  Wow, talk about an attention grabbing, BBQing masterpiece.  Just look at what this rotisserie is capable of.

Southern Yankee BBQ Pit Smokers are the premier rotisserie smoker in the market. All of the Southern Yankee BBQ large rotisserie BBQ pit smokers are customizable from 6 to 12 rotisserie shelves allowing for maximum smoking capacity! Never waste space again! Southern Yankee BBQ Smokers can be outfitted with the proper number of shelves and rib rack inserts to allow you to fill the cooking chamber. With the rotisserie system, you can have up to 3 times the volume of food over a similar sized flat shelf smoker. Regardless of whether you are smoking ribs, chicken, pork shoulders, briskets or anything else that can be cooked over a wood fire, your Southern Yankee BBQ pit smoker can efficiently handle your cooking needs!

Each 4’ smoker is custom welded and made from thick plate steel direct from the mill for long life durability. Build by skilled craftsmen of the welding and fabrication trade, every Southern Yankee BBQ smoker will provide plenty of eye appeal and years of dependable service. Don’t take our word for it, read our testimonials!

The BBQ smoker shown above is a 4' rotisserie BBQ Smoker. The firebox is the full length of the smoker and has 3 damper controls to regulate the fire. This 4' BBQ smoker comes standard with 6 rotisserie shelves that are easily removed for cleaning. It can be upgraded to 12 rotisserie shelves. Twin chrome exhaust stacks with damper controls can be used to regulate the smoke out of the cooking chamber. With side hung doors, you have hands free access to the cooking chamber for loading and unloading of meats. Each pit smoker comes with a dependable 1/4hp chain driven gear motor to slowly turn the rotisserie shelves at 1 revolution per minute.

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