Mar 9, 2010

BBQ Smoker/Grill by TCI

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32” x 75” x 77” tall with 21” x 18” firebox and 7” x 36” stainless steel work surface. Constructed from 10 Ga. carbon steel, 6 sq.ft. expanded metal cook surface in smoker, 2.625 sq. ft. of cook surface in firebox. Smoker/ Grill includes cool grip wire handles, damper controlled firebox, utensil hooks, grease drain, and threaded mounting hole in front of lid for thermometer (thermometer not provided, hole is filled with a threaded plug). Finish is hight‑temp black paint.

This looks like a nice little offset smoker! I say looks like only because I haven't had the pleasure of actually using one yet, but would certainly jump at the opportunity if it arose. This smoker is built by Texas Correctional Industries , a department within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.  The listed base price is $550.00.  That's an incredible price!  I'm still unclear if they sell to the public, or just to state agencies within the state of Texas.  If they do sell to the public, I'm surprised that there aren't more of these smokers pumping out great Q all over the lone start state!

Turns out they do not sell to the general public. Below is a brief description of who TCI does and does not sell to.

City, county, state and federal agencies, public schools, public and private institutions of higher education, public hospitals and political subdivisions are eligible to buy from TCI.

Ineligible entities include, but are not limited to, non-profit corporations, private schools, private hospitals, private enterprise and individuals.

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