Mar 22, 2010

I saw this image on the internet the other day and it reminded me of something.  The problem is, I can't remember what it reminded me of now... which reminds me of something else!  Now that the start of bbq season is here, wouldn't it be something if everyone committed to smoking something or grilling out at least once a week?  Maybe share what you cook with a neighbor, or call up a friend to come over and join you for a great meal.  Not the worst idea I've ever had, trust me.  That distinction goes to the real whopper I had when Texas was in the throws of a major drought and experiencing wildfires.  Later that Winter I decided that I was going to find a way to transport the excessive snows of Minnesota down to the dried up lake beds of Central and West Texas......  Yup.  Needless to say I never found a feasible way to accomplish that.  Well not one that cost less than a gazillion dollars anyway.  

I'm just guessing here, but it looks to me like someone may be getting this old smoker back into cookout ready shape, or at least recently has done so.  I like that.  A little flat black bbq paint.  Chunk the old exhaust out into the backyard and stick on a different one.  Good to go!  Let's CUE!!!


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