Mar 31, 2010

Prime Cut Smoker Grills

Prime Cut Smoker Grill Features:

Custom Paint (Included):

•Choose any 2 colors of high temperature paint to customize your grill. Match the paint to your truck, favorite sports/racing team, tractor, or company colors.

BBQ Cooking Chamber:

•The BBQ cooking chamber features two removable
 slide-out racks measuring 21" x 56" which total 2356 sq. inches of cooking surface so you can cook for a very large crowd of hungry people.

•The BBQ cooking chamber doors are easy to open and feature lubricating hinges.

•We have added a convection-style blower, which is powered by a 12-volt deep cycle battery (battery optional), to circulate the heat in the BBQ cooking chamber to help keep your cooking temperatures even.

•A Deluxe temperature gauge is included so you can find that ideal slow smoking temperature.

•The 1 1/2" cleanout drain attached to the bottom of the BBQ cooking chamber serves 2 purposes: With the valve closed you can add up to 1 1/2" of water to create a moist cooking environment. With the valve open, it is easy to hose the BBQ cooking chamber out for clean up.

•Inside the BBQ cooking chamber, we have removable heat distribution plates for easy cleaning.

Fire Box:

•The firebox measures 24" in diameter and 24" in depth.

•The firebox door is airtight to ensure minimal heat loss.

•The grates are removable for easy cleaning.

•The custom smoker grill can be heated with either wood or charcoal. Our favorite is a mix of both!

•The temperature of the smoker is controlled by the dampers between the firebox and the cooking chamber. Our unique dual smokestacks have adjustable dampers so you can pinpoint the temperature you need.


•Custom built trailer painted to match your smoker.

•Torsion axles with 12" wheel and easy lube bearing system.

•2" ball.

•7 wire-plug for stop, turn, running lights and charging.

•Heavy Duty crank jack on the hitch.


•The custom built 14"x84" work table surface is hand-crafted from ash hardwood and is finished with a super tough poly finish for easy cleaning, and years of superior shine.

•The cabinet beneath the worktable has storage space for your BBQ tools and party supplies and houses the radio/CD player and speakers (see below).

•The front cabinet houses the cooling system, battery, and CO2 system for the Beer Tap/Beverage System.

Beer Tap/Beverage System:

•Includes everything you need to attach a keg and start your party.

•60 foot of stainless coil in a cooler to ensure your beer/beverage is the perfect temperature.

•Back flush system for easy cleaning.

•CO2 cylinder included.

•Beer tap and faucet included.

•Add your own tap handle.


•AM/FM Stereo Radio.

•CD/MP3 Player.

•Aux input for iPod hook-up.

•2 High wattage speakers.

•Remote Control.

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