Apr 27, 2010

Lang 84 Deluxe Warmer

All new 1/4" rolled plate steel body with all new components. 1/4" plate drip and grease pan are all welded 3 piece construction. Fireboxes constructed of 1/4" plate steel. Handles are 3/8" thick strong back. Trailer is constructed of 3" channel iron and has 15" aluminum wheels with heavy duty trailer tires.

Actual Cooking Surface
71 1/4" x 28"
13.79 Sq. Feet
Consists of 3 square tubing and heavy mesh racks laid side by side

Upper Rack
53 1/2" x 27"
9.95 Sq. Feet
One piece sliding rack made of square tubing and heavy mesh

Warmer Box
3 Shelves Measuring
13” x 21”

* Easy To Use

*Easy To Clean

*Guaranteed Results

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