Apr 3, 2010

Old Country BBQ Pits

Old Country BBQ Pits makes my favorite trailered smokers.  There I said it...  There's just no two ways about it.  I like everything about them.  But they're not reverse flow, you say?  Who needs it when you can have an insulated smoker of this quality at these prices, I ask?  Plus these smokers are built to last.  No, I mean really built to last.  Prove it, you say?  Ok.  Just go HERE and do some reading.  Their site is full of information on not just their pits, but also filled with explanations of why an insulated smoker is so much more efficient than an uninsulated one, tours of their shop with pics of their craftsmen doing their thing and lots of great close ups of their American Made smokers.  Am I an impartial commentator simply describing what I've seen.  No way!  I want everyone to own an Old Country BBQ Pit because I know quality lasts.  A long lasting return on our investment, plus the ability to produce the best BBQ bar none are two primary reasons people are purchasing these smokers today!  Go get yours and tell them BBQ Pitbuilder sent you.

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