Apr 16, 2010

Outdoor Grill Plans


So you have vacation time coming up and you want to build your own outdoor grill?  NO WAY???  Oh...  I thought for sure you were going to say yes to that one!  Well, I found a set of plans over at the SmokeRing that just might change your mind.

Depending on your skill level, these plans say that you should be able to complete your build in two weeks or less!  For me that would mean about 6 weeks if I'm lucky, but then I've never mortared or bricked anything in my whole life.  So my skill level would be a big fat goose egg!  Having said that, my neighbor to the South built this very grill a few years back now and it took him just barely over three weeks, so it's definitely a doable project and one that he found very rewarding. 

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