Apr 14, 2010

Pulled pork from a UDS

Still not a believer about Utility Drum Smokers (UDS)?  Have a look at the results above.  This tasty morsel was smoked for 7 hours in a 55 gallon steel barrel.  But not just any steel barrel.  This pork was smoked in the barrel constructed right HERE .  In case you haven't figured it out yet, yours truly was the chef du jour responsible for the smoking pictured above.  All of this build up is leading to one thing, me telling you that BBQ has never been easier to accomplish than when it is done on a UDS.

It's so simple even I can make pork that falls off the bone!

The secret? 
Keep the temps between 220 and 250 F (preferably 225 - 235 F)

How do you manage that? 
Regulate the air flow using the plugs, caps, and/or ball valve you built into the smoker.

There are so many recipes for rubs, brines, mops, sauces, etc. to go on your pork that I'm not even going to add to the maelstrom by putting more up on my blog, but when you find one you like don't let it become the only flavoring you'll use.  Pork has the ability to take on so many different nuances you will be missing so much if you just stick to one.  So regardless of what every seasoning maker wants you to believe, there isn't just one "best" whatever for pork.  There's thousands!


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