Apr 8, 2010

Standard BBQ Bus

Standard BBQ Bus Concession Trailer

Price starting at $40,250

The Bar-B-Q Bus as pictured above included:

35ft 1990 Ford B700 Diesel Bus with 155K Miles

Full Kitchen

6ft Rotisserie BBQ Pit Smoker

4 stereo speakers

Metal roof awning over smoker area

2 sliding and fold out serving windows

3 compartment sink

1 hand sink

Hot and cold water

Water heater and pump

fresh and waste water tanks

standard counters

Stainless steel work table

Stainless steel upright refrigerator

3 Hot Wet/Dry Wells

4 shelf detachable storage unit

6 shelf detachable bin storage unit

Best use of a school bus I've ever seen!  Just imagine that rig painted all black with burnt orange lettering screaming down the side saying one thing... "BBQ Pitbuilders"!!!  Oh yeah, let me just grab my check book and rush on over and get myself one!  "Honey?  Where's my checkbook?"  "What do you mean no?  I didn't even ask for anything yet.  But since you brought it up...  :)

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