Apr 17, 2010

The Tejas 2436XL Barbecue Grill

The model 2436XL Steak Fajita grill is the ultimate barbecue grill.  A barbecue grill with a double walled firebox.  A barbecue grill having the rear, left, and right side walls with a one inch air space in between two steel plates.  Two charcoal racks that can be placed on three separate levels. A barbecue grill which can be used as a steak barbecue grill, fajita grill, or even as a smoker pit.  The Tejas Smokers Barbecue Grill is impressive ... the brushed stainless steel fold out shelf ... the stainless steel spring handle that remains cool. This charcoal grill is the ultimate.


-Length -> 44" with side tray folded down, 56" with tray up

-Depth -> 29" front to rear

-Height: -> 44 1/4" top lid closed, Cooking Height -> 32"

-Weight -> 276 pounds, Crated weight as 500 pounds (special lower freight rate)

Domestic crate dimensions: 53"H x 45"D x 54"H

Barbecue Grill Standard Features

heavy 14 gauge steel construction

stainless steel FOLDING shelf 12"d x 24"w

two fixed wheels, two swivel wheels-one with a brake

rubber handle assembly which accepts our popular fish fryer

top lid of bbq grill is 12" high..cook practically ANYTHING!

air cooled stainless steel spring wire handle

two heavy duty bbq grill charcoal racks which can be independently positioned at three separate levels

bbq grill full sized ash pan at bottom

two rotating vents at top of bbq grill lid

ash rake/cleaning tool

receptacle for sauce bowl swivel holder

two removable front access doors to barbecue grill charcoal racks

large framed bbq grill surface with two handles

area surrounding top grill surface is trimmed in stainless steel

temperature gauge receptacle for optional temperature gauge

Barbecue Grill Accessories

swivel sauce bowl

cast iron burner (fish fryer)

custom vinyl cover

charcoal rack log lighter assembly

stainless steel temperature gauge

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