Feb 9, 2010

Factory Direct Barbeque Pit Smokers

Factory Direct Barbeque Pit Smokers

I have only recently come across this site, but just by looking at a few of the pics of their trailered smokers I can tell... I'VE GOT CABIN FEVER BIG TIME!!! I want to be outdoors cooking on one of those beauties right now. Isn't that what you want to be doing too? Currently, here at BBQ Pitbuilders HQ, it is 20 degrees F with 15 mph winds and about 60+ inch snowdrifts completely surrounding my house. I've managed to dig a trail from my front door to the driveway, where my frozen truck sits angrily awaiting the thaw that must eventually come, although it will not happen fast enough for either of us!

FD Barbecue Pit Smokers symbolize freedom from confinement, the aroma of Spring or Summer, and the promise of happier times that often accompany barbecues with friends and family.

I just wonder if the folks at FD Barbecue Pit Smokers know that?
I also have to ask if they know what a long, cold Winter in Minnesota can do to a Texans mind?
Cabin fever.
Spring fever.
Whatever you want to call it, I got it.

But I know the cure too. BBQ Pit building.

Time to get started on Project #1 - The Barrel Smoker

Check the good folks out at Factory Direct Barbecue Pit Smokers. They have some real deal smokers at OUTSTANDING prices!!!


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