Mar 16, 2010

Arc Force

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What a treat it is to see a spectacular smoker in all her glory BEFORE the shiney coating goes on!  This is an awesome (possibly custom) build by Arc Force, yet another Houston, Texas based custom smoker builder.  Custom smokers aren't listed as one of their "can do's" based on the front page of their website, but dig a little deeper and this is what you will find!  This smoker has features on it I don't even recognize.  My only complaint is that Arc Force didn't put an explanation of it's capabilities along with the gallery of photos they have posted there.  But, I guess that just means we'll have to figure this one out ourselves!  Two questions plague me.  First, the long rectanular tube welded to the fron face of the smoker just below the doors to the main chamber... what is it?  Why the handle on it?  Secondly, I could find no exhaust stack on this smoker.  Do the counterweights double as exhausts?  Anyone have some answers or ideas, please email me with them here.  Thanks!


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