Mar 17, 2010

Time to build my first UDS

I'm going to pick up my barrels today. I found 4 open head steel drums (55 gal.) on craigslist yesterday evening actually in Minnesota, so i won't have to make the drive to Wichita to get barrels afterall. Going to meet with the seller after work today and purchase them from him, assuming they're in good shape. Best part is the barrels are the same price as the ones McSmoker found in Wichita, $5 each! Being the cheap so and so I am, that made me real happy.

Pics and build descriptions to follow. With some luck I will get a couple of them burned out this weekend. I'm going to hold on to 2 of the barrels until I have finished building the first 2. My thinking is I can better use my (hopefully) newly acquired experience in building the final 2. That's my current plan anyway.

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