Mar 18, 2010

Big Bubba 500G

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Big Bubba 500 gal 2 or 4 door BBQ pit with a propane gas ignite starter in smoke box. Cooking on this grill is from charcoal and/or meat can be smoked from using the smoke box. Like all of our units this one is built with quality components and a professional paint job. Gas is used for 2 fryers on the front and starting the wood in smoke box or for added heat through the smoke box while cooking. There are no gas burners inside the actual grill for cooking.

500 gal. Grill
Smoke or use Charcoal
Wood Burning oven
2 Propane Holders in Front and 2 Fish Fryers
2 Stainless Steel 500 Degree Thermometers
2 Cooking Racks Inside, Lower 36"x72" and Upper 27"x72"
2 Doors on one side
Easy to Clean
3.5'x4' Cargo Area in Front of Trailer
Reverse Airflow Plate for Smoking
1200 Degree High Temp Coating on Body
fully Welded Trailer
DOT Trailer Lights
2 3500lb Axles with NEW 15" tires
safety chains and 2" ball coupler

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