Mar 18, 2010

Some interesting UDS pics

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I thought I'd post a few favorite UDS pics from around the web to get the right vibe going to around here for the upcoming BBQ Pitbuilders UDS build.  That's fancy talk for "I'm going to build a UDS this weekend and show you the results right here!"  I like the colors of the above smoker, so I'm thinking burnt orange and black might work for my smoker also.  That may change though depending on what I find in my shop. 

While these two haven't been finished at this stage, they have two features I would like to incorporate into our build.  The raised height on the ball valves handle and the caster assemblies, so look for me to bring something similar to our project. 

The butcher block shelf.  I really like this.  I'm not certain that I'm going to put it on the first UDS, but it will definitely be a very common sight on any others I build.

Other than that the first build will be a straighforward UDS.  It's being built to produce top notch BBQ, that's the focus.  If I can manage to build it correctly all reports I have read indicate that these things smoke almost effortlessly.  Sounds good to me.

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