Mar 19, 2010

Ugly Drum Smoker - CBBQAwiki

Ugly Drum Smoker - CBBQAwiki

I have posted this before, but not with the accompanying pics.  Plus, for those of you who may be building a UDS along with me this is a good tutorial on one of the ways to build one.  That brings up a good point about building your own UDS.  There is no right or wrong way.  There are some physical characteristics that make these types of smokers function very well.  As long as these characteristics get incorporated into your build, "how" you get there or what your finished product looks like is a matter of personal preference. 

Some of the characteristics I am talking about are good fresh air supply to your heat source and the ability to adjust that air supply.  With most UDS smokers the temps are adjusted using the fresh air supply controls.  With fresh air supply you must have adequate exhaust... adequate, not overkill.  For the average UDS set-up, a charcoal basket is a really good idea as it allows for a long, slow burn at low temps, ideal for slow cooking or smoking larger cuts of meat.  You'll need someway to monitor temps of both the inside of the smoking chamber and whatever meat(s) you're cooking.

None of these things are difficult and all have been done before, so don't let any of it put you off.  In fact, that's the attraction for many builders to this project.  It's the perfect first timer build!  Have a look through the link provided above and see what you think.  Then look for my pics and tutorial later today or tomorrow showing my own first attempt at buiding a UDS.  They will be posted both here and at "Outdoor Cooking With The Smoker King"  on the forums under "Building a smoker or grill".  Drop me a line and let me know what you think!  Soon as I get the chance I'll post some pics of some cue I've cooked up on it!!

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