Mar 13, 2010

The Big Baby Oil Tank BBQ Pit

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Here are the things you’ll need to build the Big Baby smoker.

1. Steel Drums – around $20 or so each.

2. Stove Kits – you’ll need 2 of them – from hardware or wood stove stores. Should be less than $50

3. Two 22′ x 15′ grill surfaces, which you can get for about $25 from a BBQ supply shop

4. Throw in the paint, hinges, smokestacks, fire bricks, bolts and brackets – and you’ll spend a total of about $150 – much less than what you’d spend on a pro-built rig.

Once you’ve collected these materials, you’re on your way. Check out the rest of the “How To” guide on this smoker – found on page 260 of the Real Barbecue book by Vince Staten and Greg Johnson.

A big thanks to The BBQ Smoker Site for the above information!

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