Mar 13, 2010

WOW!!! That's an awesome T barrel pit!

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When I first saw this set-up I was crushed!  This was supposed to be my secret project!!  I was going to stun the world with my welding skills, not to mention my creative ability... I had been working in the concept stages of this very same design for, oh I don't know, days now!  And for what? 

Then, today, I saw the project you see above and I realized something immediately.  I need tons more practice welding and my fabrication skills could probably use some help too.

This this is amazing for a barrel pit/smoker!  T configured alone isn't impossible, but it does show a level of skill that, let's be honest here, many of us just don't possess.  Insulated.  Again, not impossible, but who bothers doing that with a barrel?  A craftsman, that's who.  Plenty of ventilation.  Fuel access door.  Latches for the main door to maintain the best possible seal in the main smoking chamber.  A nice sized charcoal basket.  The quality that is on display here tells me one of two things.  These things are being built in a shop class somewhere, or they are being built to be put up for sale.  Maybe a reader will let me know. 
Either way, very nice work. 

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