Mar 25, 2010

Pitmaker of Houston Texas Custom builders of BBQ Trailers, Backyard BBQ Smoker Pits, and BBQ Grills

Grand Champion Brisket in the San Antonio Rodeo and
Grand Champion Brisket in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
cooked on the Pitmaker Interceptor Trailer. (not shown)

Pitmaker of Houston Texas

Wow!!!  Pitmaker makes some of the best trailered dream machines in the business.  When you visit their site you'll see what I mean.  Rigs built for "Home Depot", "DeWalt", "Houston Police Department" and others attest to the ability of this crew to do it right.  And just look at the finished product!  I'm not easily stunned, but when I look at these rigs from every perspective I am 99% blown away by this piece of work above.  My only complaint?  Those ridiculous "standard trailer" brake lights.  Come on, a combo like this deserves LED's in an enclosure of some type.  But if that is all I can find to slightly comment about that says one thing, "This rig ROCKS!!!"  If I could justify it, I'd own 5 of them.

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  1. Mike, that particular picture of the Sniper model smoker trailer you have posted there is of the second Sniper trailer ever made. LED lighting is now standard on all of our BBQ Trailers. Thanks for the compliments. This is how we are doing them now:

    Thanks for the compliments:

    George Shore


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