Mar 26, 2010

This may just become BBQ Pitbuilders iconic image!  She isn't real pretty.  Darn sure not all chromed out with a high dollar finish or all the latest gear on board.  But I'll bet that even in her current state she can cook some ribs, or smoke a brisket with the best of them!  She's got a fine hardwood handle with a real chain keeper attached.  A relatively new hitch.  Not one, but two aluminum cans to keep the elements out of the main cooking chamber!  She's a little rusty, but sound.  Perfectly round tires.  And all this is just what we can see!  Who knows what extras she has waiting to be discovered on the business side of her?  I'm sold already.  Yep, if she could only talk.  How many cue's has she provided?  Good times I'm sure and clearly she's not done yet.

These are my favorite images precisely because they aren't "showy".  This is BBQ's roots we're looking at here.  Somone wanted to BBQ on a larger scale so they built their own cooker.  Did a fine job too.  She shouldn't be sitting out in a field somewhere, but I guess there can't always be smoke coming out those exhaust holes.

All in all a great pic! 

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