Apr 21, 2010

Countrygirl's barrel smoker

This barrel smoker belongs to Countrygirl and, if you go check out her blog, you can find out exactly how she made it.  You will also see some amazing foods she has cooked on her smoker!  Yes, she's made plenty of BBQ with it!  But I think you're going to be surprised at the versatility of these smokers and impressed by the skill of this pimaster.  I'm not going to spoil it for you, but I've just come from there and I am hungry just from seeing the pics of the food she has created there! 

When I built my barrel smoker I completely forgot to add one major thing that it looks like Countrygirl did NOT forget... wheels!  These barrels aren't so heavy that they can't be moved, but they are awkward.  My next one will definitely have wheels!  I think for my current one, and most likely all the rest I will just go with a barrel dolly.  Simple, not very expensive, and effective.  I won't be rolling it far and it will save my lower back.  Again, very nice smoker and fantastic work Countrygirl!!

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