Apr 21, 2010

Stonhenge smokehouse by Peter Van Brussel

This is another departure from the norm for me, but I was so impressed with this build I had to post it!  The smoker section (the vertical construction) is actually a concrete drain pipe bricked over.  The article states that it weighs in at "about 800lbs." and "it's transport is one of the most difficult parts of a project."  I say grab some friends and an old truck and when you're done wrestling that pipe into position (you know what's coming next, right?) feed 'em!!! 

Here's a finished view of the fire pit, smoker and an addition which houses a wood storage area and what appears to be a wood fired oven!  Very nice design and build.  It has me wanting to attempt something like it at my own place!  But there will be much research before that happens as masonry is not a skill that I have much experience with.

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