Apr 13, 2010

M&R BBQ Smokers and Grills

Get your monies worth, with custom built, for the same price as production.

Best value for BBQ Pit grills and smokers anywhere near the Jacksonville FL and North East Fl area. The trailers are high quality and perfect for carrying equipment. We specialize in custom designs and we allow for any and all design needs. Any size, from large industrial to small family, available.

Doors cut low to make them easy to open and trap heat inside.

Racks slide all the way out for easy access to food. Racks also are removable for easy cleaning.

Grill is painted with high temp BBQ paint for long life.

All flat steel is 1/4" thick, this is made to last!

Available - Extra large food warmer/ steamer/oven built above firebox.

Two full length, angle framed shelves, one in front and one in back, gives you flexible storage.

10' - Quality all steel trailer, wired with 14" wheels - Ready for traveling any distance.

3500 lb. axle.

Available - Full length bottom tray to force the heat and smoke to travel the length of the smoker before contacting your meat. This unique feature gives indirect heat which does not dry out your meat like traditional smokers

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