Apr 12, 2010

TS60 Barbecue Smoker

Isn't this a great size smoker?  For a family I mean.  I can see this cooker going along to football tailgating events, camping trips and picnincs vs. some 250 gallon tank or higher.  It's compact, yet "fully capable of bringing the Q."  Another thing,  I have no idea of the total weight but it looks like it can be towed by my grandmother 1979 buick and that's a good thing!  Not all bbq pits should require a dually to move them.  Once again fantastic work Meadow Creek!!!  You guys sure know how to build 'em!

Features and Benefits of the TS60 BBQ Smoker

•Non-rusting Stainless Steel Slide Out Grates make your BBQ smoker maintenance easier and eliminate possible rust contamination on your meat.

•Reverse Flow Draft provides even smoke and heat distribution in the smoking chamber.

•Positive Lock Latches let you easily latch the doors.

•Slide Out Ash Pan collects all the ashes for easy disposal even while you're cooking.

•Charcoal Grate in Fire Box lets the ashes fall below the firebox, so the fire can burn more efficiently.

•Built in Water Pan helps keep your meat moist when water smoking with apple juice or other liquid.

•Ball Valve Drain conveniently drains out grease drippings from the meat or liquid used for water smoking.

•All Stainless Steel Handles add a sharp finishing touch to your bbq smoker.

•Stay Cool Handles on Slide Vents and Firebox Door let you control the draft and open hot doors without burning your hand.

•Thermometer on Smoking Chamber Door helps you conveniently keep an accurate tab of the temperature.

•Front Work Shelf provides a handy work area while smoking.

•13" Air Tires for moving the smoker around.

•Heat Baffles on Fire Box protect the trailer wheels from excessive heat.


  1. I've been looking around for a grill I can easily tow during picnics. My family simply enjoys being out in the nature, even a crowded park will do on a lazy day. I think this one is pretty good. Looks like a tough grill to me. Do you have an estimate on how much would it probably cost me?

  2. Hi Barbecue,

    Base price on the TS60 according to Smoky Mountain BBQ site is $2050.00 One thing I am uncertain of is if the unit pictured is a base model. Thank you for your question!


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