Apr 10, 2010

Old Country BBQ Pits - New Portable BBQ Grill

 Those of you who are regular visitors here know that I prefer smokers, but when "Old Country BBQ Pits" comes out with a grill like this I have to tell everyone about it.  First, it gorgeous!  What a crowd pleaser this grill is!  Their site doesn't a lot of specific info on this baby.  But if you're really interested the folks at "Old Country BBQ Pits" are more than ready to take your call.  Check their site for more info, click HERE  or you can email them directly from my blog by clicking HERE.  Below is all I could find written up on this beauty!  There is a video you can watch that will probably go into more detail on her capacity and specific information.

"This model is one of the best ones out in the market today if not the best. The cooking grates crank up and down to allow you to control the grilling temperature. Unlike the other grill where you must open and maintain open the lids while grilling, if you want the crank up feature, with this BBQ grill the lids can be closed while grilling."

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