Apr 19, 2010


A tailgating, family gathering, and fundraisers BBQing machine!!  They put every option available on this baby STANDARD!!!!!  When you visit the YODERSMOKERS site by clicking the provided link and see the price for this unit you won't believe your eyes.  It's an incredible deal!!  If you want to get into serious BBQ for parties or large family gatherings, but don't need to be able to cook for 500 people, the "Sante Fe" could be the very best deal for you.

The Santa Fe is small but mighty, it only comes one way and that is hard loaded with every option available. That’s right; a fully self contained cooking machine that is ready to slow smoke, barbecue, grill, boil or fry. With the Santa Fe there are no limits from family gatherings, tailgating, team parties, fundraisers, well you dream it and the Santa Fe will deliver the food. Just move it into place, drop the jack, open the sliding table, build your fire and start cooking.

With over 1,700 square-inches of cooking surface (firebox grill grate and sliding top shelf are standard), double 60,000-btu burners, LP system with tank, large wood/storage box, large sliding prep and serving table this is truly a mobile cooking machine.

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