Apr 20, 2010

Working on some smoky pulled pork


Nestled within my UDS (Utility Drum Smoker) this morning, lies this hickory colored pork roast.  Its destiny?  Pulled pork!  It's currently 10:15am local time and the pork has been smoking a little over two hours now.  By my calculations it should be ready to be wrapped in foil around 1pm and then I will probably take it and shred it around 4 pm this afternoon.  The aroma coming from the barrel smoker is incredible.  It smells slighly of bacon, but also of the spices that I mixed into the rub.  The rub I use is my own blend, but it's pretty close to what you would buy in the store for a pork spare rib rub.  I add some brown sugar and garlic powder to that and more black pepper and rub it in real good and it's ready for smoking.  The other thing I like to do is make sure that when I start the smoking, the pork is as close to room temp as I can get it.  It helps the roast absorb the initial smoke ring and also helps to get the spices and flavors down further into the meat. 

I'll be posting the final pictures as the pork comes off later today!!


Ok, so I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed!  In my haste to taste test the pulled pork I completely forgot about snapping a picture...  What can I say?  The smell of BBQ overwhelmed me and I lost all control!!  The bad news is no final pics on this one.  The good news is I'm always Q'n so it won't be long before there will be more pics!!

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