Feb 4, 2010

Here's an example of fine cooker craftmanship...

Click here for a well pictured walk through!

That's what he calls a small smoker! Those of you who know why can tell the others... go on, tell 'em, don't be shy! This gentleman calls this beauty a small cooker because the pit he built prior to the small one is a BEAST!!! It's awesome! Personally I can't recommend anyone ever covert a propane tank into a cooker/smoker/grill of any kind. But if you are going to do it anyway, this man has done it right! Did I mention he offers free plans to anyone who wants to download them from his site? That's what I love about us pitbuilders. We are in it to build it! Oh sure, we want to eat from it as well, but the joy is in it's creation, or in some cases, it's transformation. We are a special breed! Alright, enough about us. The link that follows is to his beautiful beast of a smoker (just don't tell him I called her a beast!)

What a great build!

Hey, get out there and smoke something!


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